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Metro: Last Light Redux Completed In Part 2

I am so excited for Metro Exodus to play next! Now I have finished Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux which I enjoyed alot! Only problem I had was pretty much of game crashing which I’m not sure was it on my end or in Metro. Metro series only uses fullscreen game option […]

Apocalypse – New Major Phasmophobia Update


Huge update for phasmophobia just came out with new maps, new lobby, custom difficulty and so many other things. So cool to see that Phasmo community is so big and they are making sure it is going to get bigger and bigger with it’s developers. I haven’t played phasmophobia that much just yet but I […]

Final Boss In Cult of the Lamb

cult of the lamb game

Here we go! 🙂 Final video from the game Cult of the Lamb! It was really interesting game especially how you can get twitch viewers involved into it. Nice design! I really hope these kinds of games comes more in future!

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