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Atomic Heart Amazing Game

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart With Beautiful Robots Hey there again. It’s been awhile since I last make a post of a game that I have played lately. I still try to keep up atleast for the games that pay me the most attention and this one was a interesting good masterpiece. If you like beauty looking woman […]

Super Fun! Finnish Army Simulator Gameplay

Finnish Army Simulator

Finnish Army Simulator is a very amazing simulator from Finnish Army Training in a very funny but serious twist.I really got my best of laughs from this game it really is worth for everyone to try it out and it might even help to understand how the military can work or atleast part of it. […]

Brotato – Game worth of your time!

brotato game

Brotato is like vampire survivors with so many different kind of aspects and more chances of different progress you can achieve by testing how your build will work! Game has a good music while you blast all the waves with some of your starting equipments based on your class that you pick. More choices comes […]

Apocalypse – New Major Phasmophobia Update


Huge update for phasmophobia just came out with new maps, new lobby, custom difficulty and so many other things. So cool to see that Phasmo community is so big and they are making sure it is going to get bigger and bigger with it’s developers. I haven’t played phasmophobia that much just yet but I […]

[RotMG] Sorcerer PPE Video Part 2 now in youtube

rotmg post

Hi all! I just released my newest RotMG video about my Sorcerer PPE part 2. Something might happened in there something little bit surprising. I still hope you enjoy the video and thank you for all the support! Video is here 🙂

Rollercoin New Event Season 6 Started Join For More Income!


Now for you there is a good chance to earn some more passive income through the new event pass in Rollercoin website. I recommend for trying the site and if you feel it is not suitable for you it is totally ok :). I made video about it for you easily to find out what […]

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