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[RotMG] New Sorcerer PPE Video Part 4


My Sorcerer got new upgrades in RotMG PPE Part 4. Some amazing players we can see in the video and one even got the crown from the forgotten king as a drop. I just love to see how the community works together while completing the hardest dungeons in the game so far.  Sometimes comes downs […]

New game Mythic is here!

Mythic Game

This is VERY exciting news! Game called Mythic is going to be released on September 29th and I got priviledged to try this out before that.I will uncover part of the message that I got received about the game below:   Inspired by the classic Zelda games and Realm of the Mad God, we created a fusion […]

Final Boss In Cult of the Lamb

cult of the lamb game

Here we go! 🙂 Final video from the game Cult of the Lamb! It was really interesting game especially how you can get twitch viewers involved into it. Nice design! I really hope these kinds of games comes more in future!

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