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Super Fun! Finnish Army Simulator Gameplay

Finnish Army Simulator

Finnish Army Simulator is a very amazing simulator from Finnish Army Training in a very funny but serious twist.I really got my best of laughs from this game it really is worth for everyone to try it out and it might even help to understand how the military can work or atleast part of it. […]

Metro: Last Light Redux Completed In Part 2

I am so excited for Metro Exodus to play next! Now I have finished Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux which I enjoyed alot! Only problem I had was pretty much of game crashing which I’m not sure was it on my end or in Metro. Metro series only uses fullscreen game option […]

Deivian House Tour

deivian house

Have you ever been curious how do I live? Well now that I got that water pipe update which blocked little bit of my normal streaming schedule. I managed to make a discussion in stream about “should I make a tiny house tour video because of the water pipe thingy” because it came in the […]

Metro 2033 Redux Gameplay Part 1

metro 2033 redux

Metro 2033 Redux Is amazing action game where you witness the moments of scary atmosphere where your story goes through demons, nazis, other bandits and crazy environment! You also get different kind of weapons that you can modify and change time to time from enemies or buying them from upcoming outposts.  I really excited playing […]

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