Big Happy Circle

Rollercoin Season 6 was good but a lot grinding for new player. Gladly I had other passive incomes ways that I was able to use in Rollercoin for getting done all the events that came in Season 6. 
If you are interested about my other ways for passive income you can find them from my site in here.


In Rollercoin you need to believe consistently for future income because at the beginning especially if you only play the games and not any investment to help getting miners ready. You need to gather some time to get enough for bying those miners. 


My biggest recommendation is to get income from other sites and then target them into Rollercoin to get your powerful income from it. Rollercoin is a good place to have crypto because they have no fees when you transfer crypto.


It takes time but I highly recommend for using it if you believe in crypto :).
Here is my video about Rollercoin Season 6 also showing my earnings from the site and also top1 person from leaderboard.

Good luck for investing and earning passive income! 

Big Happy Circle