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RotMG or should I say Deca Games made a new dungeon in the game called Kogbold Steamworks which is pretty much looking art like a steampunk.

I myself like the dungeon really much and how you need to get into that dungeon is to beat a Train first in Realm to get in into that nice metalworking place.
There of course are different opinions and some things that might be better but overall I enjoyed the dungeon and it is good on the difficulty if we are talking about the exaltations.

If you want to get more information about the dungeon in official Realm of the Mad God website click here.


I made a youtube video about my first run in the dungeon and I will add link about it in here. Feel free to share comment about the dungeon in to the video 🙂 link in below

Thank you for reading the post and I hope I see you in the next one :).

Big Happy Circle