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Mythic Game

This is VERY exciting news! Game called Mythic is going to be released on September 29th and I got priviledged to try this out before that.
I will uncover part of the message that I got received about the game below:


Inspired by the classic Zelda games and Realm of the Mad God, we created a fusion of the MMO and Roguelite genres, incorporating our favorite elements from each. The result is a top-down pixel art “Realm-like” dungeon crawler, packed with challenging combat, puzzles, loot, boss fights, and more. Everyone plays in a shared online world where you can party up to tackle the epic boss and navigate the maze world together.


Steam Store page:

Youtube Trailer:

Mythic will be launching on Steam September 29th
Be ready! 😉

We are going to play this game tomorrow (Monday) live on twitch! Come to say hi and witness this new game!

Hope you are going to be excited as I am for playing this game together after the official release! Maybe? 🙂 

Big Happy Circle