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Good Priest PPE In RotMG

priest rotmg post

Priest is a good healer in RotMG I personally like all classes in Realm of the Mad God game.I seriously think that whenever I play with a class with enough success or loss and when it comes to a situation when I think that “I don’t get any longer that amount of equipment or perks […]

New Steamworks Dungeon In RotMG

rotmg steamworks

RotMG or should I say Deca Games made a new dungeon in the game called Kogbold Steamworks which is pretty much looking art like a steampunk. I myself like the dungeon really much and how you need to get into that dungeon is to beat a Train first in Realm to get in into that […]

Knight UPE Started in RotMG


Thank you everyone who voted for Deivian to pick the Knight UPE in Realm of the Mad God (RotMG). It has started very fast and with so amazing luck! I’m not sure should I share any other posts from Knight parts into my website so I will leave youtube link about the knight adventure playlist […]

[RotMG] New Sorcerer PPE Video Part 4


My Sorcerer got new upgrades in RotMG PPE Part 4. Some amazing players we can see in the video and one even got the crown from the forgotten king as a drop. I just love to see how the community works together while completing the hardest dungeons in the game so far.  Sometimes comes downs […]

RotMG – New PPE Sorcerer Part 2


New video about PPE Sorcerer Part 2 is here for you to see! If you haven’t played Realm of the Mad God as well as shortened as RotMG you should give it a chance and try it out! It got nice amount of challenge :). Here is my latest video about my Sorcerer gaming with […]

New game Mythic is here!

Mythic Game

This is VERY exciting news! Game called Mythic is going to be released on September 29th and I got priviledged to try this out before that.I will uncover part of the message that I got received about the game below:   Inspired by the classic Zelda games and Realm of the Mad God, we created a fusion […]

Sorcerer Is Back! [RotMG]


Sorcerer is back and after this I will make the UPE knight because people are waiting for it :). Thank you for watching my RotMG videos it really keeps me going. Hope you are also lucky with your characters! Here is the latest video about the sorcerer, hope you enjoy! More things about RotMG you […]

[RotMG] Sorcerer PPE Video Part 2 now in youtube

rotmg post

Hi all! I just released my newest RotMG video about my Sorcerer PPE part 2. Something might happened in there something little bit surprising. I still hope you enjoy the video and thank you for all the support! Video is here 🙂

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