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Atomic Heart Amazing Game

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart With Beautiful Robots Hey there again. It’s been awhile since I last make a post of a game that I have played lately. I still try to keep up atleast for the games that pay me the most attention and this one was a interesting good masterpiece. If you like beauty looking woman […]

Awesome Game Brotato Got Full Release

Brotato Full Release

Brotato Full Release With 1.0 Patch Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, I’m thrilled to share with you an exciting new game that has been taking the gaming community by storm. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with “Brotato Game” – a potato-themed gaming sensation that will leave you craving more!   Brotato Game, […]

Beyond Good And Evil Is Amazing

beyond good and evil game

Beyond Good And Evil Review Beyond Good And Evil is an old game but it still felt as a masterpiece even after 20 years of time!  It took me some time to start playing this game while it was mentioned by one of our amazing member in the community (CrazyKirby). Despite graphics the story was […]

Inscryption Game Is Huge!


I really am happy that one amazing person from our community gave me Inscryption game as a gift in steam.I might have went pretty much forward in the game but I have also been witnessed most of the secrets and lores till now what I have been seen in part 3 thanks to these people […]

Super Fun! Finnish Army Simulator Gameplay

Finnish Army Simulator

Finnish Army Simulator is a very amazing simulator from Finnish Army Training in a very funny but serious twist.I really got my best of laughs from this game it really is worth for everyone to try it out and it might even help to understand how the military can work or atleast part of it. […]

Viewergames Racing – Super Twitch Game For Viewers With Streamer

Viewergames Racing

Viewergames Racing Is a one fun game for viewers in Twitch and also the streamer can join. Join for a race when streamer is launching the game. Only the streamer needs to install the game from steam and use the twitch extension. Game steam store page here: Viewergames Racing Hope this might give you a […]

Days Gone Game Review – Good One!

Days Gone Final Part

Days Gone is a open world zombie game where are also other humans, bandits and some animals, creatures in it.You can loot a lot of resources, crafting materials, meat, explosives, ammunition, weapons from bandits, medical supplies and other stuff.I really enjoyed playing it. Sometimes it got me stuck on some moments and also some occasion […]

Summoning Session In Summoners War


The Summoning Session was beautiful to look at. I got some same monster that I have got before but those new ones that I got makes me so happy! The Summoners war is really unique strategy very nice art made of “heroes” or so called monsters that you use in your battles as a team […]

Sniper Elite Series Gameplay

sniper elite serie

Hi all! This week I started to play Sniper Elite games and the first one was Sniper Elite 3. After Sniper Elite 3 I am not going to keep up playing Sniper Elite 4 or the V2  just yet. Instead I play the games that people voted in Discord. I got lots of other games […]

Rollercoin Season 6 Completed Very Nice


Rollercoin Season 6 was good but a lot grinding for new player. Gladly I had other passive incomes ways that I was able to use in Rollercoin for getting done all the events that came in Season 6.  If you are interested about my other ways for passive income you can find them from my […]

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