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Beyond Good And Evil Review

Beyond Good And Evil is an old game but it still felt as a masterpiece even after 20 years of time! 

It took me some time to start playing this game while it was mentioned by one of our amazing member in the community (CrazyKirby). Despite graphics the story was really interesting and it was dwelling me to continue even more and more for investigating what is going on and all the mysteries. 

I did not follow all that you can find in the game I was mostly focusing the main story and following that. 

But I did most of the challenges that we were facing and it was very satisfying when you succesfully won in the races or winning in air hockey kind a game. 

Beyond Good And Evil 2 has been a long time in development but in the company there has been lots of complications for finishing it while the staff has been quitting their jobs in Ubisoft and some other possible functions that has been slowing or in this case now even preventing the game ever coming out. 

I really hope they could finish it even if it would take even more years to complete.

I am waiting and willing to play it when it hopeful comes to us one day. 

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