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Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart With Beautiful Robots

Hey there again. It’s been awhile since I last make a post of a game that I have played lately. I still try to keep up atleast for the games that pay me the most attention and this one was a interesting good masterpiece. If you like beauty looking woman robots you might want to give this game a chance. Even if the story does not give enough atleast the visual side might give you a some moment of excitement if you know what I mean.

Even that the beautiful robots, humor, the action in the game gave pretty much motivation to keep going I still enjoyed the story as well because I really wanted to see where it continues eventually. There would have been more secret places to discover but my main focus was to push myself through the main story. At the current moment I lack of time to play one game more than It has the “main” content.

If you got anything to say about the game feel free to leave a comment below.

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